Dear members:


There will be a statewide MTCIA Conference in Butte at the LaQuinta Inn at 1:00 pm on Sept. 27.  The agenda will include updates on our legislative work, membership drive and fundraising for our legislative efforts. We will also be discussing legislative strategies and community support projects.

Our last statewide conference was held on Aug. 23, and was very well-attended. There were providers and patients from all parts of Montana at the conference. Due to the length of the meeting, we left with some unfinished business. We need area coordinators to represent EVERY city in Montana. With less than 116 days before the legislature convenes, there is still a mountain of ground work to complete. MTCIA’s goal is to finalize our bill draft no later than November 15.

Our industry has gained much-needed momentum toward a workable medical marijuana law in Montana. Nationally, support for medical marijuana remains consistently in the range of 80%. Let’s remember that Montana’s medical marijuana law passed in 2004 with 62% of voter support. The 2011 Legislature overturned that ballot initiative. We must work very hard, for the sake of Montanans with debilitating illnesses, to create a medical marijuana law that provides safe, legal access with proper oversight and regulation.


Yours in Solidarity,

Mort Reid

President, MTCIA




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