Dear Members:


Please forgive the rather lengthy sabbatical. As many of you are aware, my family suffered a recent loss of a loved one due to cancer. I would like to personally thank the members for their support and well wishes we received during this very trying time.

MTCIA has been working feverishly throughout the summer to gain community support for the bill that we will present during this upcoming legislative session. We will be utilizing media outlets more frequently in an effort to educate the public about the pitfalls of SB 423 and why it needs to be changed. This task cannot be performed by just a handful of MTCIA personnel. WE NEED AN ARMY! It is the responsibility of everyone connected to this industry to support the industry that supports them.

We have provided printed fact sheets and talking points at our last meeting in Butte for our members to use when approaching and talking to their local elected officials. One of our members from Bozeman gave a very effective interview to the Bozeman Chronicle which was printed in last Sunday’s edition using those same fact sheets. (Kudos to Misty Carey). This is exactly the type of member participation that is needed to get a workable medical marijuana bill passed in the legislature.

Senator Robyn Driscoll has agreed to carry our bill to the legislature. Robyn was the Senate Minority Leader in the 2013 Montana Legislature. She has previously served as a House Representative and  is very knowledgeable on issues relating to our industry.

Our Outreach Coordinator, Dulaney Collins, is still at work establishing community connections and drumming up support for our cause. Please keep the donations coming in so we can continue to utilize her expertise.

We will schedule another MTCIA meeting sometime in November after we have finalized our bill draft with legislative services.


Yours in Solidarity,

Mort Reid

President, MTCIA


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