Dear Members:


The meeting in Butte on the 6th was well-attended with more than 25 members present. A winter storm in the Flathead area prevented a larger attendance. There were two presentations given by guest speakers from Billings-based advertising companies. Those two entities were invited, by our board, in an effort to bring new options to the table ahead of the upcoming legislative session.

As you will recall, the previous two legislative sessions were disastrous for our industry. Certain lawmakers within the Montana Legislature have repeatedly turned a deaf ear to our requests for a workable, medical marijuana bill. The re-election of those individuals is being interpreted as a mandate to completely destroy all legal access to medical marijuana in Montana. As the legislative sessions draws near, we cannot afford to rely on the same measures that have failed in the past.

Our members have voted to fund an informational campaign to coincide with the legislative session that will force our lawmakers to listen to the voters of Montana. In 2011, when the community asked for reforms of the Medical Marijuana Act, the legislature gave us repeal. In 2013, when we introduced a bill to reform SB 423, they killed the bill. If they choose to ignore our efforts during this session, there will be political consequences. With 80% of American voters supporting medical marijuana, our legislative representatives are rooted in an ideological paradigm that is taking us backwards to the era of “Reefer Madness”.

This campaign will be a very costly undertaking. We are reminding you that your donations are needed to keep this effort moving forward.

Have a safe and happy Christmas Holliday!


Yours in Solidarity,

Mort Reid

President, MTCIA

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