Dear Members:

There has been a renewed interest in organizational participation among MTCIA’s members since the legislature rejected our last-ditch effort toward fixing the convoluted marijuana law bestowed upon us in 2011. Several members are interested in establishing their own chapters of MTCIA in areas that are not convenient for meetings by the main board of directors.

The protocol for establishing a MTCIA Chapter requires a minimum of three officers; President, Treasurer and Secretary. You must send a letter of request to MTCIA’s Board of Directors. That letter must include the names and titles of officers and contact information, including email addresses. Our Board will send you a copy of our by-laws and review your request. Upon approval by our Board of Directors, your Chapter President will be notified in writing that your chapter has been certified.

Our Board of Directors has added 2 new members. Please join us in welcoming Denise Zielie, representing the Bozeman area and Fran Lyons, representing the Butte area. Fran has agreed to be MTCIA’s new Treasurer.

Our Board of Directors is very pleased with the current organizational effort that is currently underway. The task that our industry is facing is very daunting. We must get on track with discussions toward a ballot initiative for next year’s election cycle. That task will require the coordination of all of our efforts if we are to be successful. We cannot allow ourselves to become distracted with side issues. Our focus must be concentrated on the issues associated with winning the battle for the marijuana patients that we serve. After the dismal performance of the last legislative session, public support for medical marijuana in Montana is in our favor.


Yours in Solidarity,

Mort Reid

President, MTCIA

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