Dear Members:

Last evening, two very important board resolutions were passed by the MTCIA Board of Directors. The first Board Resolution stated, “MTCIA and it’s subordinate chapters shall support, fund and actively pursue a ballot referendum for a workable medical marijuana law in Montana  for the voters to decide upon in 2016″. This resolution became the only avenue available for the beleaguered medical marijuana industry in Montana after our efforts to fix the law were flatly rejected by the last three successive legislatures.

Our court-ordered injunctions that allow legal medical marijuana providers in Montana to serve cardholders with debilitating illnesses has been appealed to the Montana Supreme Court by Montana Attorney General, Tim Fox. The last decision rendered on this issue by the Montana Supreme Court offers hints at our chances of prevailing through the court system. We cannot pin our hopes on the chance that the Montana Supreme Court Justices will, somehow, change their opinion from their last decision. Our Board of Directors has chosen to adopt a pro-active stance on this issue, rather than wait for a court decision.

The second Board Resolution that was passed states “MTCIA and it’s subordinate chapters shall support a ballot initiative that removes the authority of the Montana Legislature to modify, overturn or repeal citizen-passed ballot initiatives without allowing Montana voters to vote on the issues”. This law is necessary to protect future ballot initiatives from being repealed by overzealous and abusive lawmakers who believe they are smarter than Montana voters. The theme for this referendum will be “HELP TAKE BACK OUR GOVERNMENT!” 

There are other constitutionally-oriented groups that are discussing the possibility of spearheading that referendum campaign. This referendum will entail a constitutional change that requires 48,000 signatures to qualify it for the ballot. That is twice the number of signatures required to qualify our medical marijuana referendum for the ballot.

Once we have officially launched this campaign, there will be a role for each member to play toward creating a workable medical marijuana law that best serves the medical marijuana patients of Montana. We will be scheduling meetings to solicit input for the draft of these initiatives.

The MTCIA Board of Directors extends our sincere thanks for our members’ successful efforts in funding the legal expenses required to continue the appeal to the Montana Supreme Court. Your dedication and generous donations have, once again, saved the day.

The famous philosopher, (and former heavyweight boxing champion) Joe Frasier once said, “in a street fight, whoever throws the first punch, wins the fight. In a championship fight you gotta go fifteen rounds”.  We are currently in round 13 and ahead on points. Public opinion has shifted in our favor and we are headed for a strong finish. KEEP THE FAITH!


Yours in Solidarity,

Mort Reid

President, MTCIA

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