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February 2016

Supreme Court decision and Where we go from here

What a difference a day makes. As we are sure most of you already know, the Montana Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the state and against the rights and needs of tens of thousands of Montana citizens. Still, the fight goes on! We know many of you woke up this morning with a sense deep foreboding. Many of you are beyond frustration, many are scared, and some of you I am sure feel like giving up. We understand, and [...]

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An Introduction to M+R and our plan moving forward.

In order to have a successful ballot initiative in 2016, the MTCIA would like to partner with M+R, a professional consulting and research firm that specializes in ballot initiatives and signature gathering. The following is an introduction, plan of action and estimated budget from M+R. Fundraising is already underway in several local chapters, and state-wide fundraising goals will be posted in the coming days. We need the help of all the providers and patients in the state to make this happen! [...]

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The impending Supreme Court decision and what it means for you.

The Montana Supreme Court could rule on SB423 at any time. They can rule to permanently enact all, some, or none of the disputed sections. These sections include: A ban on providers accepting payments for their products or services. If enacted, this would would require any remaining provider to give their product away for free. A three patient limit per provider, with no allowance for cohabitation, thus preventing co-ops and multi-provider businesses. If enacted this would prohibit any grow larger than [...]

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