Press Release

Friday, March 11, 2016



Re: MTCIA files motion to protect patient access to medical marijuana


From: Gregory Zuckert, MTCIA Board member, Public Relations

Contact: Kate Cholewa, Organizational Consultant


*****For Immediate Release*****


The MTCIA has persistently and successfully worked through the courts to protect patient’s access to medical marijuana since the passage of the 2011 law that served as defacto repeal of the medical marijuana program.

“The recent MT Supreme Court decision has not changed that,” says Kate Cholewa, consultant to the MTCIA.

“Today, the MTCIA filed a motion for rehearing with the Montana First Judicial District Court”, said Cholewa, “to create a responsible transition for the dismantling of the program. The proposed timeline allows time for patients to make adjustments in their care plans. For some though, it may mean returning to opiates to treat their illness. It gives time for providers to wind down as well.”

But ultimately the MTCIA hopes to keep the provisions from going into effect.

“The MTCIA will be presenting an initiative to the voters in the meantime that does what the 2011 legislature did not”, Cholewa said. “The initiative will present the voters with a law that allows safe access for patients, no nonsense regulation for providers, and safeguards for communities.”

  • The Supreme court does NOT have 15 days to respond. The State has 15 days to file a response. The court will then rule sometime thereafter.
  • The motion was filed with the Montana Supreme Court, NOT the First Judicial District.

The link for the Motion for Rehearing:

023-Appellees Petition for Rehearing

Please follow the link below to read the exhibit that the DPHHS filed with the MTCIA’s motion for rehearing this morning:

Exhibits to Petition for Rehearing-DPHHS-3-11-2016

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