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April 2016

Protecting Access for Five Years – and into the Future

It was on April 28, five years ago, that SB 423 passed both chambers during the 2011 legislative session. It was legislation drawn up hastily in the final hours of the session, crafted with the goal of dismantling access to medical marijuana in Montana and getting, as many said at the time, “as close to repeal  as possible.” The very next day, April 29, the MTCIA brought together a group of people to find a way to protect access in a crisis [...]

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I-182 Progressing, No Down Time

This week’s court decision was disturbing and we know concern and frustration continues to plague those who care about access to medical marijuana and creating more just policy in relation to cannabis. The signature campaign to put a new, responsible and accountable medical marijuana law in place, however, is moving along well. Signature gatherers for I-182 are generally exceeding the 10 signature per hour goal. The goal for the first week was 2000 signatures, given new staff. But this staff collected [...]

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MT Supreme Court Votes to Postpone Implementation of 2011 Medical Marijuana Law Only Until August 31, 2016

"This is devastating for cancer patients, seizure victims, people in hospice, and other Montanans and their families across the state,” said Kate Cholewa, spokesperson for the Montana Cannabis Industry Association (MTCIA). Today the Montana Supreme Court responded to the MTCIA’s petition to delay the implementation of their February 25th decision. The MTCIA requested until after the next legislature. But the court ruled that it would go into effect Aug. 31, 2016. The order stated: “IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED that the effective [...]

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I-182 Is On-Track

Three days of signature gathering and I-182 is on-track. 2500 signatures. The average signature gathering campaign has 35% of its signatures tossed out. Our approach - utilizing experience, training, and systems for quality control - historically result in only 18% of signatures failing to qualify. In addition, we have benchmarks and we will always know where we are in reference to signature gathering goals. And we are on-track, right out of the gate. We are methodically phasing in workers, who can train [...]

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420: A Fine Day to Protect Access

Happy 420 to all. Signature gathering has begun for I-182 to protect access to medical marijuana and create an accountable, responsible regulatory foundation for the system. Marine Corps veteran Taylin Lang and cancer patient Katie Mazurek did an outstanding job yesterday making it clear why a new medical marijuana law for Montana is so important at this time. We also saw yesterday the conversion of Larry Jent, Democratic candidate for Montana’s Attorney General. Jent was the only Democrat on the Montana [...]

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It’s Time for a New Medical Marijuana Law in Montana: I-182

Montanans believe in being compassionate towards their neighbors. But Montanans also expect each other to be accountable, and responsible. Right now, the 2011 medical marijuana law passed by the legislature to replace the 2004 citizens’ initiative allows Montanans to be none of these things. The implementation date of the worst provisions of the 2011 law is yet to be determined by the court, but it will be implemented and patients will lose access - unless we act, effectively and successfully, and [...]

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Solid Foundations Lead to Success

Building foundations is not glamorous work.  It’s nuts and bolts.  It is hard work.  Just as with building a house, a solid foundation is necessary for the project to stand the test of time. Foundations, while not visible, determine the success of that which is built upon it. Less than 10% of proposed initiatives make it to ballot and are voted on by the people of Montana. The MTCIA and its partners are working hard to create a stable foundation for [...]

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