It’s Time for a New Medical Marijuana Law in Montana: I-182

Montanans believe in being compassionate towards their neighbors. But Montanans also expect each other to be accountable, and responsible. Right now, the 2011 medical marijuana law passed by the legislature to replace the 2004 citizens’ initiative allows Montanans to be none of these things.

The implementation date of the worst provisions of the 2011 law is yet to be determined by the court, but it will be implemented and patients will lose access – unless we act, effectively and successfully, and pass a new law to protect medical marijuana patients in Montana.

This time, with this new citizens’ initiative, together we will pass a law with licenses and inspections and laboratory testing, and we’re going to make sure that veterans and others who suffer from PTSD have access to a therapy that works for them. We’re going to have a one-year residency requirement for providers, and we’re going to make sure we know who’s doing what and who might be financially invested in whom.

Accountable. Responsible. Compassionate.

Montanans are all these things, and we can make a law that is all of these things, too.

A citizens’ initiative for a NEW medical marijuana law launches today.

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