I-182 Is On-Track

Three days of signature gathering and I-182 is on-track.

2500 signatures.

The average signature gathering campaign has 35% of its signatures tossed out. Our approach – utilizing experience, training, and systems for quality control – historically result in only 18% of signatures failing to qualify. In addition, we have benchmarks and we will always know where we are in reference to signature gathering goals.

And we are on-track, right out of the gate. We are methodically phasing in workers, who can train more workers, and dispensaries. As we’ve said all along, whether it’s the law itself or the campaign to pass the law, we must build solid foundations, even while building them fast. But it’s not a phase to skip. Not if we are to succeed.

We are not working “manically.” We are working quickly and methodically. Preserving access to medical marijuana is too important to leave to chance or hope. We have a plan. We have a strategy. We will stay focused, stay on track, and get the job done.

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