MT Supreme Court Votes to Postpone Implementation of 2011 Medical Marijuana Law Only Until August 31, 2016

“This is devastating for cancer patients, seizure victims, people in hospice, and other Montanans and their families across the state,” said Kate Cholewa, spokesperson for the Montana Cannabis Industry Association (MTCIA).

Today the Montana Supreme Court responded to the MTCIA’s petition to delay the implementation of their February 25th decision. The MTCIA requested until after the next legislature. But the court ruled that it would go into effect Aug. 31, 2016.

The order stated:

“IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED that the effective date of the Court’s decision and judgment in MCIA II is POSTPONED to August 31, 2016. On that date, the holdings of 4 this Court’s Opinion shall become fully in effect for all purposes.”

“Montana will be without a functioning medical marijuana program. Patients will be stranded without a medicine they have come to count on to manage their conditions,” said Taylin Lang, U.S. Marine Corps veteran and medical marijuana advocate. “This is all the more reason we must pass I-182 and create a responsible and accountable program for Montana’s patients.”

I- 182 restructures Montana’s medical marijuana program. The new law would require licensing and inspections and would allow testing labs to assure medical marijuana was free of toxins or molds.

“Getting I-182 on the November ballot and passed has become critical to preserving medical marijuana access in Montana,” Cholewa said. “We’re confident that the people of Montana will support an accountable, responsible new medical marijuana law. It’s nonsensical, and cruel,  that we will be deconstructing the program and leaving patients without for months in the process.”



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