I-182 Progressing, No Down Time

This week’s court decision was disturbing and we know concern and frustration continues to plague those who care about access to medical marijuana and creating more just policy in relation to cannabis.

The signature campaign to put a new, responsible and accountable medical marijuana law in place, however, is moving along well. Signature gatherers for I-182 are generally exceeding the 10 signature per hour goal. The goal for the first week was 2000 signatures, given new staff. But this staff collected 3258 signatures. The goal for week 2 is 3000 signatures.

We know and are tracking how many signatures we need where and where we are in relationship to benchmarks that if we meet, we’ll succeed. We know how many signatures/hour we’re getting and can break it out, community by community.

Trainings were conducted on April 4/20 in Billings, Bozeman, Flathead, Helena and Missoula. Trainings for volunteers begin the week of May 2. Lists of providers are in the process of being provided to I-182’s  Field Director so that we can get training to dispensary operators and petitions in their hands.

The team is moving from one priority to the next. There is no down time.

We appreciate your patience and understand your impatience.  We’re keeping our eye on the ball, keeping focused on the mission, and working to protect, retain, and improve the medical marijuana program in Montana.

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