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May 2016

MTCIA Files Appeal to SCOTUS

On February 25, 2016, after five years of legal wrangling, the Montana Supreme Court ruled in favor of the State and allowed the 2011 law to go into near full effect, thereby, for all practical purposes, wiping out access to medical marijuana in Montana. “In that decision,” Cholewa said, “the Court said they were compelled to reach the decision they did because of the federal illegal status of marijuana. However, as our attorney Jim Goetz spells out in his brief, under [...]

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11, 780 Signatures and Counting

I-182 is now at 11, 780 signatures and counting. We are 1/3 of the way to our goal. We exceeded our weekly goal by 439 signatures.  Thanks to all for stepping up, volunteering, and persevering in the effort to protect access to medical marijuana in Montana and working to establish an accountable, responsible program for the state.

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Upcoming MTCIA Community Meetings

Friday, May 13 Bozeman 6:30 pm, Holiday inn on Baxter   Saturday, May 14, Great Falls 11 am, in the Columbus Center, 1602 2nd Avenue North   Saturday, May 14, Helena 4:30 pm, Elements Design and Consign, 1336 Helena Ave, corner of Roberts and Helena Avenue

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I-182 Update: Working Towards An Accountable, Responsible Medical Marijuana Law for Montana

Our goal for the week was 3,000 signatures for I-182 and again, the team surpassed it and collected 3,831 signatures. We now stand at 7,089 signatures collected. Field staff will be rounding up petitions, completing signature gatherer affidavits, and shipping petitions to the Missoula office today. We check all petitions for quality and check reported numbers against actuals. Last week, the campaign also held two signature gathering trainings for providers and will be doing another this week. The website is now [...]

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What Makes A Candidate “Good” on the Issue of Medical Marijuana Policy?

What makes candidates good on medical cannabis (marijuana) policy is not as simple as do they support medical access.  Of course, this simple question, do you support access to medical marijuana?, serves as the most foundational question, but does a voter need to know more in order to make a judgement about whether to support a candidate based on their position on this issue? Below are some further questions a voter might consider. If a candidate says s/he supports medical use:Does [...]

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