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June 2016

Protecting the Continuum of Access: the MTCIA Files for a Stay on MT Supreme Court Decision Pending SCOTUS Review

On June 14, 2016, the MTCIA filed for a stay on the Montana Supreme Court’s decision to allow SB 423 to go into full effect on August 31, 2016. This stay is requested until the U.S. Supreme Court resolves all matters related to the case or until the citizens’ initiative to pass an accountable, responsible medical marijuana law (I-182) is decided by the voters in November, should it qualify for the ballot. (We feel confident it will do so.) The State [...]

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The Pending Collapse of Medical Marijuana in Montana

It probably won’t be long. Soon, the letters will come from DPHHS telling providers to start scaling down, to choose their two or three patients (depending on whether the provider also provides for him/herself), and get ready for the statute (SB 423) to go into effect August 31.  This is what the Montana Supreme Court has ruled must happen. Our understanding is that a follow-up letter will be sent later to those who do not respond. Patients without providers will not [...]

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The MTCIA is You

The MTCIA has been the only entity effectively protecting access to medical marijuana in Montana. The reason it has been effective is because the MTCIA is not the Board of the Directors. It is not any particular personality in any given moment in time. The MTCIA is the people who show up, who have shown up, and know that change in cannabis policy of the proportion we seek is a marathon, not a sprint. The MTCIA is you. In Montana, together [...]

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