Protecting the Continuum of Access: the MTCIA Files for a Stay on MT Supreme Court Decision Pending SCOTUS Review

On June 14, 2016, the MTCIA filed for a stay on the Montana Supreme Court’s decision to allow SB 423 to go into full effect on August 31, 2016.

This stay is requested until the U.S. Supreme Court resolves all matters related to the case or until the citizens’ initiative to pass an accountable, responsible medical marijuana law (I-182) is decided by the voters in November, should it qualify for the ballot. (We feel confident it will do so.)

The State of Montana has weighed in on this request. They have stated that they are willing to accept waiting for the Supreme Court decision (expected by the end of June), but object to a stay being in effect until the November election on I-182.

The request for the stay is not a guarantee on receiving that stay. We will keep you informed and will not give up on our efforts to protect access to medical marijuana in Montana.

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