Will There Be a Campaign?

What a week. We get the news I-182 made the ballot. The people of Montana are behind a responsible, accountable medical marijuana law. We extend our thanks to those who supported the effort to bring I-182 to the ballot.

On the same day, many providers got letters from the Department of Health and Human Services (DPHHS) notifying them that they must choose their three patients as the provision goes into effect August 31 limiting providers to three registered patients. Patients started getting their letters shortly after.

Though we are still awaiting a decision from district court, we can’t make any promises. We must be ready for the August 31 implementation date.

But what we do know is we, meaning all of us, must decide whether we will support a campaign to succeed at the ballot in November. Without financial support, there can be no campaign. It’s a cut and dry issue.

Patients, please ask your provider to support efforts to protect access. Fewer than 10% of providers financially support the efforts to protect access. They can no longer carry the load alone. We recognize the real consequences of the looming Aug. 31 deadline. But if we cannot support a campaign and fail at the ballot, the consequences will increase. We need to know if the support is there in order to move forward. Please contribute to the effort so there can be an effort.

The MTCIA would like to hear from you. Let us know if your provider reports being on-board so we can follow up. Contact us through our facebook page or at info@mtcia.org

The extent to which we have a campaign is the extent to which we can afford one.

Contributions can be made to the MTCIA or I-182 campaign to assure success in November.

Contributions can be sent to
PO Box 50074
Billings, MT 59105

or contact us through our facebook page or at info@mtcia.org

Contribute directly to the initiative campaign at


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