Reynolds Rules Against Stay; Get Out and Vote

We are sad to report an unfavorable ruling from Judge Reynold’s court. Our stay on the August 31 implementation date has been denied. In Reynold’s letter, he states that the Court granting the stay would interfere with the Montana Supreme Court’s ruling, which already included a delay in recognition of the hardship it could cause patients. The Court further concluded, it was without authority to override this decision of the state Supreme Court and that delaying until the election improperly inserts the judiciary into the legislative and initiative process.

So what to do now? Call Tim Fox’s office? No. Call Judge Reynolds? Of course not. Now, we get out and vote for the initiative to re-establish Montana’s medical marijuana program with an accountable, responsible law.. Financially support the I-182 effort. There are serious consequences to this decision for patients. Please help us re-establish access as quickly as we can.

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