Care. Be Safe. Be Smart. Vote.

With Aug 31 date just days away, we know many patients are beyond concerned. We know many are flat out frightened. We recognize, too, that there are providers who feel committed to these patients. The idea of choosing one person’s pain over another or having to rank suffering and choose only two or three patients for no good reason other than five year old political gamesmanship seems wrong, unfair, foolish, and unnecessarily cruel. We couldn’t agree more.

We believe the people of Montana will support I-182 and come November we can restore and better regulate the medical marijuana program in Montana. But that doesn’t mean the 2011 law isn’t in effect come Aug. 31. Do not assume law enforcement will hold off on enforcing the 2011 law until after the election.

We understand your concern for your patients. But if you are prosecuted for violating the 2011 law, you may be denied from ever providing the service again.


Be safe.

Be smart.


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