Where we stand…

We realize that many people are frustrated and confused by the stories in the press and rumors online.

We understand completely, and we certainly share your frustration. However, we also want to make it very clear that removing the section dealing with the 3 patient limit will not have to wait until the legislative session, and certainly not until June of 2017.

Worst case scenario, the day after the election, the MTCIA will seek immediate relief from the courts and ask that the effective date of the section in question be corrected to reflect its original filing. We have spoken to our attorney and we are more than confident that the courts will quickly and unambiguously, grant our request and force the correction. We cannot state this any more clearly; the 3 patient limit will be gone long before the legislative session begins.

 We know interest in this issue runs deep and is important to many.

We assure you, we’re on it.

We want to remind everyone that because the MT Supreme Court denied our motion, and caused the program to be effectively shut down on August 31st, no provider will be allowed more than 3 patients immediately after the election.  As the result of the shutdown, the DPHHS has had to unwind the program, and it will take some time to bring the program back up and start processing provider and patient applications. During this time the MTCIA will make sure that the clerical error is fixed and the 3 patient limit removed permanently.

Let us not forget that we still must get I-182 passed, and we still need EVERYONE to help make that happen. Whether by volunteering your time or by donating, we need all hands on deck to bring about the long overdue changes to the Medical Marijuana program in MT.

We have always said that we will never stop in our fight to bring a responsible and accountable medical marijuana law to the people of this great state.

This has not changed.

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