The Shutdown

Thousands of patients are about to lose access to a plant-based medicine that eases their pain enough to function; stops their seizures; allows them to sleep; allows them to eat; and more. This is the result of the 2011 legislation, SB 423, a five year old reactionary, punitive, back door repeal of access to medical marijuana.

Right now, there are peripheral issues that need to be resolved around the initiative, and they will be. But right now, don’t let questions about that distract from what’s happening to patients in two days. As we talk with our friends and neighbors and local press as these provisions go into effect, let’s remember what’s important – thousands of Montanans, people in hospice, and people with cancer will suffer for no good reason in the world. This is wrong. We must remedy this. We must pass I-182. Let’s focus on what’s important Right Now.

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