Before They Start Reporting the Results Tonight

The MTCIA would like to extend their appreciation to all the patients willing to share their lives and private challenges in order to help thousands of their fellow Montanans.

We thank the providers and others who stepped up to assure the effort to protect medical marijuana access was undertaken professionally and with the tools necessary to succeed.

We extend further thanks to the larger team, the helpers and tipsters, those who called in with useful information and ideas.

We thank those who phone banked on behalf of medical marijuana access, and put up signs, knocked doors, and lent their talents to raise awareness of the issue.

We thank the elected officials who stood up and lent their standing and credibility to an issue that opponents aim to stigmatize.

Historical efforts do not consist of a single moment. They are journeys. We thank all those who have “carried the ball,” sometimes to their personal detriment, in order to undo lies of the past that serve to deny people a safe source of relief in times of need.

Thank you to all the friends and partners and team mates.

Let’s go win. Vote #Yeson182 today!

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