Appreciate the Victory, Preparing to Move Forward

Big breath.

Pat yourself on the back.

Thank the voters who protected access to medical marijuana in Montana. I-182 has passed. Access is restored. The election results must be certified by December 5, at which time I-182 becomes Montana’s new medical marijuana law. We are busy at work remedying the clerical error.

The MTCIA is also gearing up for next steps and the upcoming legislative session.

In crafting, supporting, or opposing legislation during the 2017 legislative session, the MTCIA will evaluate legislative proposals according to the degree in which they serve to make the program:

  • Transparent
  • Contained
  • Safe
  • Functional

When we craft our own legislation or evaluate legislation proposed by others, we will measure it against these principles. imessage for windows These principles, and adherence to the federal guidelines for state medical marijuana programs, will shape our positions during the upcoming legislative session.

Join us in shaping sound regulations for medical marijuana in Montana by becoming a member of the MTCIA. New information coming next week about how you can join.

  • Be part of the inside conversation.
  • Access assistance in navigating our evolving regulations.
  • Support patient access.
  • Be part of the crafting of a transparent, contained, safe, and functional law for Montana’s medical marijuana program.

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