Get on the Team

Get on the Team. Protect Access During the 2017 Legislature.


Within the first 10 days of I-182 going into effect 1300 patients have applied to restore their access to medical marijuana to treat their debilitating conditions. As always, the ability of the MTCIA to protect access was made possible by our donors.

We have debts to pay and work to do. We need to protect the progress we’ve made with the initiative during the upcoming 2017 Legislative Session. We need to move forward, too. There’s more work to do to create a transparent, contained, safe, and functional medical marijuana program in Montana.

There are financial issues we will deal with at the legislature, too, including proposed taxes and assuring the fees patients and providers pay are kept reasonable. It can be a quick turn-around from trying to destroy access to milking the program for revenue.

And, of course, there will be the attacks and attempts to roll back access.

We count on your support to protect access in Montana and keep access both safe and reasonable. Please donate to the MTCIA and be on the team that forwards responsible cannabis policy for Montana.

You can email our Treasurer at to learn more about contributing or becoming an MTCIA member.

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