Changes at the MTCIA

After serving as MTCIA President for the past year, Bob Devine is stepping down from the position. Devine served as President during the one of the most dynamic political cycles since medical marijuana became an option in Montana. It was a time of crisis as the five year lawsuit came to a close with a Supreme Court ruling that the 2011 bill, SB 423, could go into near total effect. It was an “all hands on deck!” moment. We needed strategy. We needed fundraising. It was a turbulent and successful era. The MTCIA extends thanks to Devine for stepping up and serving in a position fraught with responsibility and a lot of “incoming!” moments.

Though stepping down as Board President, Devine will continue to serve on the MTCIA Board of Directors.

The MTCIA is thrilled to announce the new Board President, Katrina Farnum of Missoula. Farnum takes on the position as we enter a legislative session with a solid regulatory foundation created by the initiative that passed in November. Farnum played an effective and dynamic role over the past year as a Board member and hopes to focus not only on the legislative session and the process of implementing the initiative, but also continuing to develop the infrastructure of the MTCIA so that future board members and Presidents have an organization with systems that support the work of developing and protecting the medical marijuana program in Montana.

We are sad to see at this juncture Treasurer James Haney stepping down from the Board. Haney has served as a Board member since 2012 and worked steadily to keep the lawsuit funded, bills paid, as well as tending to a variety of other organizational needs. We deeply appreciate his long term, loyal service to this organization and recognize how his skills have expanded during his tenure with the MTCIA. He has brought much to the table and we wish him the best as he returns his focus to his providership.

Stepping in to fill the role of Treasurer is new Board member Erin Bolster from the Flathead. Bolster has been working diligently as an officer of the Flathead chapter of the MTCIA and played a key role in the effort there to pass I-182.  Welcome Erin!

Kate Cholewa will serve as the MTCIA lobbyist during the 2017 Legislative Session. She is a 25 year veteran working in politics and has worked on medical marijuana related issues for the past six. This will be her 13th session in the halls of the Capitol.

In 2017, the MTCIA hopes to further develop our medical marijuana program and protect it from provisions that can jeopardize access or the safety of patients and providers.

Thank you to all for your continued support. Please visit our donor wall to learn who are those providers who are protecting patient access in Montana. Please choose a provider who is working for you.

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