Donating to the Lawsuit Against SB423

The attached is a letter from the office Jim Goetz. It seems there is much confusion over whether or not our attorney can accept payments from other organizations outside of the MTCIA. This letter should help clear up that misconception. Donations for the lawsuit against SB423 and the state of Montana can only be submitted by the MTCIA or another named individual  plaintiffs in the case. Please keep this in mind when donating. The MTCIA wishes to extend a sincere thank you for the [...]

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Update on Funds Raised for Lawsuit – The Cash Hyde Foundation Presents American Drug War2

Dear Members: Last month I had the opportunity to meet several providers and cardholders from Butte and Kalispell. It was a very productive trip in terms of interacting with our colleagues in the medical cannabis community. We did collect donations for the Goetz legal fund from generous donors in both Butte and Kalispell. We still need approximately $30,000 to satisfy the escrow fund for our upcoming hearing scheduled for May of next year. We are actively shopping for professional lobbyists for [...]

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Trial Date Set – Mort to be in Butte & Kalispell This Week

Dear Members Finally some good news to report! Our attorney Jim Goetz had a pretrial scheduling conference last Friday in Helena. Our upcoming hearing is scheduled for May 20, 2014. We have nearly a full year the status quo before we need to start sweating over more GOP – led assaults on the cannabis community in Montana. We certainly should use that time to find candidates that are more progressive minded than the ideologues we have dealt with in the past [...]

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President Mort Reid to Be in Butte June 12 & Kalispell June 13 for MTCIA Meetings & Updates

As most of you know in May the MTCIA elected a new president, Mort Reid.  There are several things that are going on at this point.  Mort Reid will be in Butte on Wednesday June 12th @ 7:00 p.m. at 709 Utah and in Kalispell Thursday June 13 @ 730pm at the VFW 330  1st Ave West All patients and providers are welcome to attend.  Mort will be discussing: - The state of the lawsuit - Funds raised. - Funds needed. [...]

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Message From President Mort Reid

Dear Members, As of Wednesday May 22, we have raised $40,272.00 toward the legal fund that keeps our lawsuit alive and active. We gave the Goetz Law Firm that full amount the same day. We now have all of the balance paid in full and have $17,000.00 in Goetz trust account for his retainer in the upcoming hearing. We still need to raise another $33,000 toward the attorney`s retainer. I would like to extend special thanks and heartfelt appreciation from all [...]

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Supreme Court Hearing Tomorrow

The Montana Supreme Court hearing in our case is tomorrow.  It is scheduled to take place at 9:30 a.m. in the court’s chambers on the third floor of the Justice and State Library Building, 215 N. Sanders, in Helena.  The Court has ordered that each side has 30 minutes or less in which to make its oral arguments, and they will be fairly technical in nature.  There will be only two issues in front of the Court:  (1) Did the District [...]

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The State of Montana’s Reply and Response Brief

The following link is to the combined reply and response brief filed by the State of Montana in regards to their appeal on the temporary injunction.  It will give you an idea of what the State will present during oral arguments with the Montana Supreme Court on April 30. State's Combined Reply and Response Brief UPDATE: Oral arguments have been rescheduled for May 30 in Helena. 

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Lawsuit Update

On April 30, the Montana Supreme Court will hear oral arguments to determine if Judge Reynolds was right in granting the temporary injunction that blocked certain portions of SB 423.  The hearing will be held in Bozeman at the MSU Strand Union Building.  The Montana Supreme Court holds an annual ‘Law Day’ on the MSU campus to provide the public with an opportunity to see the high court in action.  They typically choose a high profile case for this event.   Some [...]

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