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A New Look for the Website

April 11, 2013 News

Hello everyone, just a quick note to let you all know that this website will be undergoing a remodel over the next few weeks. Changes to design and functionality will be implemented as seamlessly as possible. The site should not experience any down time, but some features will not be fully functional at times. Things Read More »

MTCIA Comments on U.S. Attorney Guidelines for Federal Raids

November 27, 2011 News

There are guidelines for federal marijuana prosecutions? Apparently so. This is good news as many medical cannabis businesses are eager to comply with the rules that they are informed of. Cal NORML has obtained a February 2011 memo outlining the California U.S. Attorneys’ guidelines for federal medical marijuana prosecutions in California. As U.S. Attorneys get Read More »

MTCIA Comments on This Week’s Raids

November 18, 2011 News

Federal raids have again shut down Montana medical marijuana dispensing centers. Hundreds of patients are now added to the list of the 19,000 patients without providers.  These patients of raided providers have 10 days to tell the state who their new provider is.  But provider numbers have dropped from 4000 to 400 since May and Read More »

MTCIA News & Update

October 23, 2011 News

First, a reminder: When patients send in their paperwork, they need to include the paperwork from their doctors and the paperwork from their providers. Be sure a copy of your driver’s license is included in the paperwork. Another reminder: The legislature successfully overrode the will of Missoula voters by overturning their lowest priority ordinance for Read More »

MTCIA News & Update

October 10, 2011 News

Montana medical cannabis providers were required to submit their fingerprints to DPHHS by October 1, a requirement that concerned many. Ninety-three providers have dropped off the provider registry as a result of this requirement, most by choice, a few due to technical problems with their submission. With the number of providers down near a mere Read More »

MTCIA Applauds Attorney General Bullock’s Response to ATF Memo

October 3, 2011 News

The Montana Attorney General has issued a response to the memo by the ATF that rescinded 2nd amendment rights for medical cannabis patients. Below is an excerpt from Attorney General Bullock’s letter addressed to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder: “Currently, 16 states and the District of Columbia have enacted laws allowing the use of marijuana Read More »

MTCIA Thanks Congressional Delegation & Looks Forward to More Dialogue

September 30, 2011 News

The MTCIA would like to thank the Montana delegation for standing up for the 2nd amendment rights of the citizens of Montana who use medical marijuana. We greatly appreciate your recognizing and objecting to the trampling of Montanans’ and Americans’ 2nd amendment rights.  We hope our delegation can continue to participate in the conversation here Read More »

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