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Dear Members:

The statewide MTCIA meeting which was originally scheduled for November 29, has been re-scheduled for the following Saturday, December 6, at the Holliday Inn at 2609 Harrison Avenue, Butte, Montana. The reason for the re-scheduling was that several providers could not attend the meeting on the 29th due to family obligations related to Thanksgiving Holiday.

The staff at MTCIA tries to accommodate our members in every way possible, giving the greatest consideration to family issues. It is impossible to schedule meetings this late in the year that accommodates everyone’s needs. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this re-scheduling. We hope this new schedule will allow the greatest number of our members to attend and participate in the very important decisions that lie ahead for our industry.

Our staff would like to express our warmest holiday wishes to our members and their families over this Thanksgiving Holiday.


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Yours in Solidarity,

Mort Reid

President, MTCIA