Thank You to Goetz, Baldwin & Geddes P.C.

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I just sent this to Goetz, Baldwin & Geddes P.C., the law firm who represents the MTCIA in our suit against the state:

I am now a few days overdue thanking you for the outstanding work on this case. As an attorney, I can appreciate just how challenging it has been to beat the oddsmakers on overcoming a rational basis test standard, and you guys nailed it. You have quite literally helped thousands of patients around the state and, singlehandedly, saved the state’s medical marijuana program from all but drying up. We are indebted to you – well beyond our current bill.

As you may have heard, Lori Burnam passed away last week, just before she had a chance to see the impact of her testimony. We will all miss her dearly and she has become a hero to many of our supporters across the state.

We continue to try and raise money to pay down our bill, and that process will be ongoing. Now that you have saved the small businesses out there, that task becomes much more manageable.

Thank you again for your tremendous work.

Chris Lindsey


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  1. KarenT. says:

    I would just like to add my thank you, as well. You guys have made a huge change for patients. Especially patients like Lori who can’t grow their own. And although Lori is no longer with us, you have helped us all, and the sickest of the sick, will now get relief. Caregivers can serve their patients. Maybe people won’t die, before they can be helped. Thank you for your dedication and hard work. You are making history in Montana and setting an example for other states.You guys really did a magnificent job!

  2. United We stand says:

    I am delighted to see how the MTCIA has evolved over the past year. The focus is once again on the patients and the importance of cannabis in treating their symptoms. The industry is integral to continued access for debilitated individuals, however at the core, the industry has no reason to exist without patients. Thank you for getting back to basics!

  3. Rose says:

    Simply amazing. I’m hoping we can get these changes to SB423 codified into the law this session.

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