SB423 Referendum Petition Update

As most of you now know, the language for the referendum to stop SB 423 from going into effect must be approved by the Secretary of State, Montana Legislative Services, and the Attorney General’s Office. The Secretary of State had approved the language and sent the petition on to Legislative Services. As a result of its review, Legislative Services has returned the language to the MTCIA with their concerns, which was an expected and anticipated part of the process. Not only does their input allow us the opportunity to refine the referendum language, it also provides insight as to any pitfalls that could be encountered up the road if medical cannabis opponents want to make trouble for us (which they will) by attacking minutia in the referendum’s language.

So, at this time, the language is being tweaked by an attorney to address the concerns of Legislative Services. These tweaks will make the referendum language more bulletproof.

Once we respond and submit a refined version, the proposed petition will continue on to the next steps required before a final petition receives formal approval for signature-gathering.

Thanks to everyone for their eagerness, and indeed impatience, in wanting to get this petition on the streets and racking up the signatures on behalf of Montana patients, voters, businesses, and families.


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